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Regalia information

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Regalia information Empty Regalia information

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:49 pm

Regalia information DieseZpfchen-1

Group: Regalia
Species: Sirens
Leader/Queen: Xanthea Liama Celeste Regalia
Languages: English and Latin
City Style:Modern Latin and American

Info on Regalia: Regalia was formed in the early 1300's. They are elegant and beautiful sirens. They are lose red roses, each beautiful but get to close and they can come deadly. Regalia is ran by the fearless Queen Xanthea. Although she is strict and runs her city on a tight leash she can be very generous and caring when the time is right. The Regalia take on the modern time and like to keep stuff classy and modernly elegant. They do not take people's and disrespect, especially not to the queen. Anyone that is showing malice or deception will either be thrown out or killed on the spot.
Regalia is basically a city that is woman dominated that believes men to be untrustworthy and users. There are some.sn Ernst Robert can trust but that is it.
History: For many years Regalia has been ran by women of all kinds. Until one day a man by the name of Raphael Laurant Regalia overthrew one of the many queens that were known to e one of the best. Not liking this at all the members of the palace did not like the fact that this man was running every thing into the ground. His wife Celine Euphelia Regalia was pregnant with Xanthea fought against the others and insisted that everything was fine. Then one day when her daughter came into this world he killed her and ran away going crazy. The royal court found him and beheaded him on the spot for killing there generous loving queen. Raising Xanthea to be the newest and most powerful queen she and everyone else in the regalia court vowed never to let a man destroy what is so precious to them. Not even for love.

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