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Leonte Information

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Leonte Information Empty Leonte Information

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:39 pm

Leonte Information Tumblr_llutjr1BHG1qe4p38o1_500

Queen: Elusyn Leonte
City: Leonte
Languages Spoken: English, Romanian
Species: Vampires
City style: England/ Romania
Traits: Dark, Gothic, Elegant & Ruthless

Information Of Leonte:
- The Leonte is a very wealthy family. The were started in 1307. In The Essence the blood of the Leonte is a full blooded Romanian race. They believe in solely keeping to them selves and no one else around them can get into the family unless Born in, or through marriage. Ranks and titles are Granted ONLY from the Queen and no one else has the ability to do so. Once a Year on October Twelfth a festival in the Fall Season is held in Honor of Queen Elusyn Anjanette Leonte the II taking the throne. Those that are in the Leonte are very respectful yet dark creatures of the night. They have no choice but to bend to the Queens will. To be changed into a Vampire from the Queen is the utter most Highest Honor presented to anyone in the City.

- King Julian Leonte passed away nearly ten years ago. However he allowed the city to ever so slightly move into the modern world. As doing this he allowed all to bask in the new world and 21st century was allowed into the customs of this very close minded place. Religion was sent here through Saint Costel and through him a faith was made. Due to the people of Leonte being mainly Vampires and they keep Humans as pets and slaves there. This is their 'live stock' to allow them to feed from and keep the population Growing. Elusyn Anjanette Leonte III took the throne only ten years ago. In honor of her fathers death and her taking the throne of the Leonte in The Fall season on October the 12th.

"There is no such thing as Life, just long moments of pain and despair." - Costel Cuza

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