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The Family Seraphim

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The Family Seraphim Empty The Family Seraphim

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:09 pm

The Family Seraphim Pbucket
Queen: Silence Anael Uriel Maya'at Seraphim
City: Seraphim
Languages Spoken: English, Italian, French, Japanese, and Seraphi, Traditional language of Seraphim
Species: Blood Angels -Fallen (Dark) Angels that drink blood and live in the night, like and yet unlike Sanguine Vampires-
City style: Gothic Victorian

Traits: Darkness, Evil, 'Holy', Gothic Lolita, Incest,-between males only- Beast

Information Of Seraphim: After being cast out from heaven for trying to kill God, the Angels of the Seraphim were infused with blood lust. King Heyas sold his son, Hell to his grandfather. Hell had 101 children by his grandfather. one of which was a girl, she was murdered and reincarnated as a wolf, therefore wolves are sacred. The Seraphim Clan is made up of mainly males, only males hold power, females can hold no power and are treated worse than trash. Due to the fact that Silence hates all living females, for they live, while his sister is dead.
the clan's main weapon is a sword, embellished with a black and blue rose on the hilt and a metallic vine design on the blade itself. For a female baby born,a pure female adult or child must be sacrificed, must be one hundred percent female.
Silence believes himself god, he is to be worshiped, blasphemers will be punished.

History: Seraphim city was created by Queen Hell and his grandfather, Lettuce. they were latered murdered, but not before Hell birthed all 101 and one children inside eggs, the first being Silence, and another newborn who had no name. The newborn was kidnapped and taken to a faraway land. years later Silence became Queen, and in his crazed vision of the world he saw himself as the leader of a religious movement known as 'Silent Anael' 'Silent Righteousness of God'. There was nothing holy about Silence however, and he started a war upon the other cites neighboring Seraphim. He believes he is the one true god, Satan at his side. God and Satan are one in the same, they are, Silence.

"We Angels Of The Blood Be The Only Truth That Be!!!" ~ Silence Anael Maya'at Seraphim.

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